Porta John® Folding Portable Toilet by ToiletSales.com

41" x 41" x 80" -  104cm x 104cm x 274cm  - 186 lbs.

From Disaster Relief Planning to Private Land Use

65 Gallon (270 Liters), Holding Tank, Folding Toilet

65 Gallon Holding Tank

Fits through the door and offers many possibilities.

Blind, Hunting Shelter, Toilet, Folding Portable Toilet

 Model HSR 300 Folding  Camouflaged  Portable Toilet

 Portable Toilets for the 1996 Olympics, Exclusive Woodstock 1999 Festival, Thousands of Events, Atlanta, Georgia

3,000 Original Model FPT 300 Units

in 1996 Summer Olympic Games

Stand It Up - Assemble It (No Tools)

Ready to Use in Less Than 3 Minutes

Model FPT 300 Patented, Folding Portable Toilets, Ships Fully Assembled, Disaster Preparedness

Model FPT 300

Folding Portable Toilet



Shipping Information


1 to 12 Units Assembled and Palletized 

Excellent for Farms or Vacant Land


Worldwide Shipping or Storage

50 Units Assembled fit in a 20'

Shipping Container

100 Units Assembled fit in a 40'

Shipping Container

125 Units Assembled ship in a Semi-Trailer 



Large Events - Olympic Games - Woodstock

Natural Disasters Since 1971

Miltary Maneuvers Since 1971

Over 100,000 Events Since 1971


Voted Best Toilet for Disaster Relief 11 Years Running


Call: 800-521-6310

E-Mail:  info@ToiletSales.com 

Handicapped  Approved by FEMA, Flip Top Seat, Complete Tank Inspection for Cleaning and Security
Open Tank Lid, Easy Cleaning, Easy Security Check, 65 Gallon Capacity, Plastic

Model FPT 300 - 65 gallon holding tank is FEMA approved for handicapped use in disaster relief shelters.  This tank is sold separately.

Folding Toilet Shell, Many Purposes, Ships, Assembled, No Tools, 3 Minute Set Up

Model FPT 300

Shell Ships 3" High

First Fold

Compact Storage, Urinal, Holding Tank, Cheaper Shipping,

Model FPT 300

Second Fold

Military Folding Portable Toilet

Disaster, Sanitation, Easy to Deploy, No Tools, Consumables Included


12 Model FPT 300 Units

Ready to Ship or Store

Storage, ATM, Ticket Both, Change Shelter,

Flat Floor Model FPTFF 300

Uses:  Ticket Booth,

ATM Machine Shelter, Storage, Work Place Shelter, Etc.