Portable Restrooms - Single Stall

Fresh Water Hand Wash and Flush - Ceramic Sink and Toilet - Real Soap - Real Paper Toweling - No Steps - No Odor 

No Chemicals - No Waste in Stalls - No Unpleasant Experiences - Smoke Detector - Mirror - Clothes Hooks 

Keyed Door Locks - Privacy Locks -  Occupancy Indicator - Ground Level - Patents Issued and Pending 

Graffiti Resistant Walls, Fresh Water Flush, Ceramic Fixtures, Portable, No Chemicals, No Steps,


Model SJSPCS 600


Internal Composite Walls

Ceramic Fixtures

Fresh Water Hand Wash

Ground Level

Laminated Wood Flooring

Paper and Soap Dispensers

No Waste Stored in Stall 

No Chemicals

No Steps

Pat. 6721967 



Ceramic Fixtures, Plumbing, Flush Toilet, Hand Wash

Open the door and listen for the "WOW" for this upgraded Comfort Station.  Superior choice when a portable toilet is not an option.

Flush Toilet, Sanitation, Luxury, No Waste in Stall, No Chemicals,


Model SJSDCS 520


1/2" Wood Half Walls

Ceramic Fixtures

Fresh Water Hand Wash

Ground Level

Vinyl  Floor Cover

Paper and Soap


No Waste Stored in Stall 

No Chemicals

No Steps

Garden Hose Water Source

Pat. 6721967 

No Waste in Stall, Water Saving Faucet,Translucent Roof,

Standard Comfort Station in a portable toilet shell.  

All the comforts, none of the frills.

1/2" Graffiti Resistant Walls, Keyed door lock, Privacy Lock, Larger Stall,, Electricity

Model  4848E


Portability with Style


Light, Fan

Ceramic Fixtures

Laminate Floor

9" Toilet Roll Holder

Sink w/Soap Dispenser

Much More



Mirror, Ceramic Sink, Fresh Water Hand Wash, Smoke Detector,

Does Not Look Like a Portable Toilet

Like home bathroom experience in a portable unit with electricity allowing for a safety light, electrical outlet and exhaust fan.

Fresh Water Hand Wash, Ceramic Fixtures, Hygienic,

Model 4848ESD

Luxury Lavatory Bldg.


1" Walls

Heavy Duty

Aluminum Trim

Waterless Urinal in 

Men's Stall

Ceramic Fixtures

Non Skid Floor Cover

Paper & Soap Dispensers

BaseBoard Heat

Hot Water

Climate Controlled

Pat. 6721967 



Ceramic Fixtures, Waterless Urinal, 36' Doors, Vinyl Covered Floor,

Does Not Look Like a Portable Toilet

Heavy duty upgrade with all the comforts and all the frills.

1/2' Walls, Aluminum Corners, Skylight, Larger Stall, Fresh Water Toilet Flush,

Top of the Line - 1/2" Graffiti Resistant Walls

Aluminum Covered Corners

Call: 1-800-521-6310

Pandemic and Safe Sanitation 

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