is pleased to announce that it manufactures, markets and ships worldwide the complete Porta John® portable toilet product line.   

Multiple Ways to Configure a Sani Jon® to Meet Your Requirements

​This page illustrates the many ways we can configure our Sani Jon® portable toilet chassis to meet or exceed our customer's sanitation requirements.  If you have a new product or idea give as a call. 


Sani Jon® Portable Toilets by

Sani Jon® Top of the Line Portable Toilet

44" x 44" x 89" at the Low Point

112cm x 112cm x 226cm at the Low Point

94” (239cm) High at the Highest Point

Weight:  218 lbs – 65.4 Kilos

Heavy Duty, Portable Toilet, Larger, Bulky Clothes Users, Aluminum Door Jamb, Double Aluminum Corers, Double Sheet Door
Trailer, Road Worthy, Towing, Remote Job Site, self Contained

SJHD 450 Mounted On a Trailer

with a Hand Wash Sink

Hand Wash, Foaming Soap, Grey Water, Outside, Inside
Toilet, Comfort Station, Portable, Dump Valve, Steps

Model 450T Dual Mounted SJHD 450

Portable Toilets or Comfort Stations

Shower Stall, Portable, Tankless Water Heater
Dump Valve, Toilet, Portable, Self Contained
Shower Drain, Hot Water, Portable, Shower, Clean
Urinal, Holding Tank, Aluminum Door Jamb, Toilet Seat
Sani Jon®, Porta Potty, Pottie, Toilet Seat, Toilet Tissue Holder
Installed, Portable Potty, Dump Valve, Porta John®
Portable, High Rise, Strap, Riser, Hook
Portable Toilet, ATM, Blind, Ticket Booth
Simple, Comfort Station, Economical, Fresh Water, Flush, Sink,
Interior Finished Walls, Ceramic Fixtures, Flush Toilet, Fresh Water Sink
Electricity, Waste Outlet, Water Inlet, Connection
recirculating flush toilet, hand wash sink, portable

Model SJHD 139 Portable Shower

Tankless Hot Water Heater Option

Sani Jon® SJHD 450

Aluminum Door Jamb


Clamshell Door


Translucent Roof

Model SJHD 450 DV

Dump Your Own

Left  - Inside Model SJHD 450 -  Right

12 Gallon Internal 

and External Sink


Comfort Station


Comfort Station

Rear View of 

Comfort Station


RCF 490

Recirculating Flush



High Rise

Portable Toilet

HDFF 450

Flat Floor

Portable Toilet

portable toilets, truckload, deliver, ship, trailer, rent, buy, purchase
Heavy Duty, Aluminum Corners, Larger, 68 Gallon Holding

Worldwide Delivery

1 to 1,000

No Charge For Assembly

Double Aluminum Corners and an Aluminum Doorjamb

Trailer, Toilet, Portable, One, Single


Single Toilet Trailer

SJHD 450

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