Single and Multiple Stall Shower Eyewash or Most any

Combination Stall Ground Level Shelters

We manufacture several portable and permanent shower models.  Our shower models can be single or multiple stall units, stand-alone showers or combination shower/toilets. 

Shower, Toilet, Hot Water, Portable, Change Room
Portable Showers

Single Stall

​Change Room 
Shower/Toilet Combination
ADA Compliant Stall 

Our single stall showers vary in construction from a portable toilet shower conversion to a stand-alone combination shower and toilet building.  We have combination shower and change rooms and shower/toilet combinations.


The water source for our single stall showers can be a water holding tank, a garden hose or a hard plumbed water line. The waste disposal can be a waste holding tank, a septic or a sewer system.

ADA Compliant, Men's Toilet, Women's Lavatory, Shower, Portable, Permanent,
Multiple Stall Showers

Ground Level

 Shower/Toilet Combination Stalls

ADA Compliant Stalls

Custom Designed Lavatory Buildings

Ground Level Multiple Stall Buildings are portable and can be made permanent.  Two and three stall, lavatory and shower buildings can be manufactured wth any combination of a dedicated shower/toilet stall, unisex ADA compliant stall, women's ADA combination stall or a men's stall.


All of the lavatory buildings have tine ports in the 4" steel frame that allow for easy relocation.  All lavatory buildings are shipped fully assembled.              LEVEL IT - PLUMB IT - USE IT


Containment Tray, Safety Clothing Change,EyeWash, Shower, Unobstructed Access,
Shower & Eyewash Shelter

Emergency Shower & Eyewash

Portable or Permanent

Unobstructed Access

Models SJDS 139A and 4848DS are  combination shower and eyewash stations.  These units are designed to provide unobstructed access for eyewash emergencies on any jobsite.


Both of these shower and eyewash combination units will meet or exceed any jobsite regulatory requirement.


Toilet Sales will soon be offerring additonal proprietary health and safety shelters that will comply with current and future jobsite regulations. 


The combination portable  shower and eyewash unit meets or exceeds current jobsite regulations. The unit contains an unobstructed shower and eyewash shelter.  Model SJDS 139A also can be locked for safety during off hours.  The unit works like any of our other shower models.  The water source can be a water tank, garden hose or hard plumbed to a municipal water source.  The waste water can be segregated in the containment tray for proper disposal when necessary.